A Great Time of Year to Impact Yourself

It’s that time of year when everyone is wrapping up work, shopping, having holiday plans, parties, getting together and all the kiddo stuff that’s happening.  We all want to enjoy the holidays with ease and to end the year financially well with your business. But it’s also a great time to review the year for […]

8 Ways to Build Trust with Your Community & Clients.

There’s an equation to keep in mind when building trust with your community and clients. Credibility + Reliability + Connection = Trust These 8 ways create that formula for you to convey trust within yourself and others.  Trust Requires Long Term Thinking – that means in every interaction, planning out your business and words your […]

The Saddest Regret I’ve Heard for 25 Years.

Someday we will all leave this earth and die….. Very few people come to this day with zero regrets….. Unfortunately, for most, there’s a list of regrets. In many ways it’s been my privilege for the last 25 years, to hear people’s regrets.  It started when I was a young therapist when I would see […]

Who’s Fault Is It???

The hardest situation to accept about our lives and the level of success we’ve had to date is that we created exactly where we are right now in our lives. When we first become adults, there’s a lot going on about getting the right job, starting the right relationship and having the things in life […]

Wondering Where All the Clients Have Gone?

Have you seen a slow down of new clients coming your way? Is there some worry this might continue? Are you wondering why less people are reaching out and signing up with you? We are in a different time right now in the online service space and in the business world in general.  People are […]

The #1 Skill You’re Missing for Success.

The other day someone asked me how I first got into psychology and how I built my Counseling and Consulting business.  I hadn’t thought about it in a long time and I just laughed. I didn’t even understand what the word psychology meant when I first considered even applying for graduate school.  It wasn’t even […]

The 7 Psychological Levels of Money

Language, actions, thoughts, and feelings around money and events associated with it run deep and shape our reality to have, share more or have less, do less or share less.  It is no different from any other force and focusing on money doesn’t make us wrong, bad or sacrilegious.  It’s the way we focus on […]

You Need Both of These to Thrive Moving Forward

When it comes to relationships in business, there are two camps of people:  the folks who say it’s all about the relationships and then those who are all about the strategy, funnels and pulling every psychological tactic in their selling to get you to buy. But just like life, business is all about the nuances.  […]

Run! From the Hardest Relationship to Get Out of as an Entrepreneur

As coaches, consultants and experts, we pride ourselves not only on our expertise but our people skills, our communication skills and our abilities to get results for our clients.  It’s what we do and we do it well.  Many of us have past work experiences that add richness to our abilities to have deep relationships […]

Put Yourself Where It Matters.

What I mean about that is put yourself physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually where you say you want to be in your life. Own a business – are you 100% there so you and the business can be successful?  Is your mission reflected in your business? Is there no movement in your business because you […]