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Who’s Fault Is It???

The hardest situation to accept about our lives and the level of success we’ve had to date is that we created exactly where we are right now in our lives.

When we first become adults, there’s a lot going on about getting the right job, starting the right relationship and having the things in life we want.

After a while, when it’s not going the way we want, there’s a tendency to look back and try to figure out why.  We land on our parents, we blame the boss, we notice others have advantages, we know we’re broke and we have have suffered trauma in our lives.

Those reasons are all legit but it still doesn’t take away that you are responsible for the results in your life.

When I practiced as a professional psychotherapist, people came to me with all kinds of pain, trauma and drama.  There are many ways to help people in the therapy room but between each session they still go back to their lives.

In those lives, my clients have to be responsible for their reactions, emotions and decision making.

The same goes for my current clients when they are not making the sales they want and have a pattern around money that blocks them from success.  It’s still their responsibility to be as success as they want to be.

If they’re not…..

  • They created that lack of revenue.
  • They created the level their business is at.
  • They created not getting that promotion.

This is the hardest part of understanding being human that you are responsible for your success.

It’s not all about working hard 24/7.  It’s about being aware that you’re stuck and you MUST do something about it now to change it.

Not making the money you want.  Then find out why.  Try something different and more than once and take it to completion.

*Don’t say you hate sales and expect for money to come in.

*Don’t look at your bank account and worry if you haven’t done what brings money in for you.

*Don’t throw your hands up if you won’t take the right actions.

Heal what you have to heal and take the right actions for yourself.

It’s your responsibility.

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