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Put Yourself Where It Matters.

What I mean about that is put yourself physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually where you say you want to be in your life.

Own a business – are you 100% there so you and the business can be successful?  Is your mission reflected in your business? Is there no movement in your business because you are not operating in all areas? Are you putting your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual being into the right areas of your business and what you do well?

Work in corporate – are you 100% there and putting yourself where you’re needed.  Even if you are saying to yourself, it’s temporary.  I’m changing jobs soon.  Are you psychically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually available for the job you have right now?

Leading a team – are you leading your people from their positions of strength.  When you meet with your team, are you there in the present moment?  Not only with your leadership skills but meeting yourself and them physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually?

This is not a conversation with others about these aspects, but are you being them in the moment?

Tremendous power lies in the physical actions.

Tremendous wisdom comes from the right emotions in the moment.

Tremendous knowledge comes from being psychologically astute.

Tremendous peace comes from being spiritually settled.

Giving us all the opportunity to be present in whatever interactions are going around us and the context we are in that moment.

It’s a great practice to check in with yourself around these key principles in life so that you can know consciously where you matter in the moments that count for you.

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