The Extraordinary Power This Has Over You.

We now know through psychology and neuroscience that your beliefs have extraordinary power over everything in your life. But where to they come from? How do you acquire them? And most important, how can you start changing your beliefs, so they actually start supporting you with your dreams, desires and build and grow your business […]

What Clients Need from You to Build a Trust Based Relationship

As we continue to see the business landscape change and more technology come our way to make work better, the human touch with clients becomes more critical. Research shows us that there is a direct correlation to the more technology we use in business, the more ways we must find to stay connected to the […]

Are You Second Guessing and Overthinking?

There have been many clients lately that are showing up with the inability to make decisions and then make them right for their businesses and themselves.  They are overthinking and overanalyzing the circumstances and the decisions to the point they do nothing.  It’s what keeps a business that can have huge impact be average. In […]

What To Do About Fear

When I was broke, I thought that being successful would stop making me afraid.  I would wake up in the morning and the fear was sitting there like a heavy boulder in my body. No matter what, if you’re an entrepreneur…’re going to find yourself afraid at some point. It’s one of the many truths […]

Relationships are Part of Our DNA.

There’s so much to say about relationships.  We humans are relational.  A long time ago as a species, we decided to collaborate with each other for survival and developed ways to be relational to our core. It is what has made us as individuals, live within our families and communities to feel alive and share […]

The True Mission of Sales

You’ve heard when it comes to sales it’s all about….. …..the relationship. … …..integrity. …..service. …..the value you bring. …..the results your clients receive. All true and all important. Each of these components all have structures, frameworks and the psychology and the science that combine in the right timing and the right order depending on […]

Where Free Speech Withers and Dies.

Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast about free speech and if there were limits to free speech and how could that possibly be implemented and who judges those limits. What I appreciated about the conversation was the thought provoking, intelligent and process oriented way the podcast included different viewpoints and went in-depth without shutting […]

Believe What You Read About Mental Health

May is Mental Health Month.  Every few years I renew my Professional Psychotherapy License.  Though I don’t have a private practice anymore, I keep up on all the research, attend seminars and use many aspects of psychology in my current business working with business owners, leaders and entrepreneurial couples. This year my license was up […]

The Many Sides Of Money

Money is money.  You need money to make money.  You’ve got to take risks as an entrepreneur.  Hate sales but don’t hate money….. The list goes on about money and how different business owners think about it and how they make it and feel about it. Money is a tangible thing in the entrepreneurial journey.  […]

I Just Want to Be Happy!

I’ve written about this before from a different perspective. But in the entrepreneurial space, this is code for I want to be a 7 figure business owner or more.  I want more clients.  I want more money.  I want more impact.  I want it to be easy and not hustle. No one really talks about […]