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A Great Time of Year to Impact Yourself

It’s that time of year when everyone is wrapping up work, shopping, having holiday plans, parties, getting together and all the kiddo stuff that’s happening.  We all want to enjoy the holidays with ease and to end the year financially well with your business.

But it’s also a great time to review the year for yourself by asking some questions to mull over in getting ready for 2024 as you plan your goals and intentions.

So let’s get started with these 10 questions where you can have the biggest impact for yourself.

  •  Is there something you want to invest in 2024?

This is mostly money focused.  What are you willing to invest in for 2024 that gets you to your next level financially.  It could be a paid mastermind that takes you personally and professionally to a level you could never do on your own.  It could possibly be an investment strategy for the future.  Whatever it is – start the process now to gather momentum at the beginning of 2024.

  1. Is there a different way in how you spend money you want to change?

This could be in your business or in you personal life.  They affect each other.  Do you want to spend more in 2024 for admin support?  Do you need to stop spending on something you rarely use?  Are you more aware of your spending in your business but not your personal spending.  Review this and start making changes.

  1. Do you feel connected to your Communities?

I’m talking about all the communities you are involved with.  This could be your business community, your friend groups or your spiritual community.  We don’t normally review our communities at year’s end but it’s an important piece of us.  Don’t gloss this over.

  1. Are there any beliefs you’ve been struggling with?

This can be a big one for many.  Review whether you have struggling beliefs around yourself, your business, your friendships.  Look at yourself first because that is impacting everything in your life.

  1. Anything new you want to try in 2024?

Here’s a great place to think way outside the box.  Make sure this is fun and exciting and opens you to new possibilities.

  1. What is something you really enjoyed in 2023?

Do you want more of it in 2024 or is it time to find that new thing to enjoy.  It can be as simple as a quiet weekend retreat at home.  Or a big vacation with all the the things that go with it.  It can be something in your business or a fuller development of a relationship.  Really enjoy whatever you choose.

  1. Do you feel you’re getting enough 1:1 time for yourself?

This could be spending more time alone or having more time for family and friends.  I know in 2024, my shift here is for myself and my friendships.

  1. What was something I did this year that felt supported for myself?

A big one – we don’t do enough of this for ourselves as business owners.  Find something that you can have in your business or personal life that makes you feel supported.  It’s the best feeling.

  1. Is there a health goal you want to achieve?


This one has been mine for 2023.  It’s better but I definitely could be doing more.  Our health is so important but many of us pay lip service to it.  As business owners, our #1 value should be taking care of our minds, bodies and spirit so we can do great work out in the world.  We want you out there for a long time so take care of you.

  1. What’s the most outrageous goal, vision or intention you secretly have?

Say it out loud.  Talk about it.  Write it down.  Give it energy and follow all the breadcrumbs.  You never know the possibilities that will open up for you.

Find 30 minutes now and start asking these questions.  Let them impact you in such a way that when you set the stage for 2024 on January 1st, you’ll give yourself the best gift and impact yourself and others in ways that bring you joy!

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