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Wondering Where All the Clients Have Gone?

Have you seen a slow down of new clients coming your way?

Is there some worry this might continue?

Are you wondering why less people are reaching out and signing up with you?

We are in a different time right now in the online service space and in the business world in general.  People are being more discerning than ever with their money.  They have the money but with all the talk out there about interest rates, the economy and an election coming up there is concern.

And they have spent thousands on courses.  More on groups and masterminds that have overpromised and underdelivered.  People are reevaluating and deciding they will spend on the “have to haves.” 

You may be wondering if the problem you solve is truly “have to have” for those who are willing to buy.

One thing I know for sure is that the person who is your right fit client, is an Easy Yes to you because you are a “have to have” when you lead with…..

…..Psychology Driven Money and Sales as part of your process.

Imagine when having a conversation with someone about your services, they feel heard and seen.

Imagine during that conversation, they are so surprised you understand their fears about spending money right now.

Imagine them knowing they are safe with you and they will get more than they thought they would.

This only happens when you have a process that includes Psychology Driven Money and Sales that completely understands your potential clients while also instilling trust right from the beginning.

That’s what happens when you establish a trust based relationship right at the start because you know them so well.

It’s the difference between hoping for new clients to having consistent new clients and thriving while others are waiting it out.

Don’t wait it out.

I’ll leave with the most important things you can give more to a new client right now.  Psychological research tells us that what people respond to when they know they’ve made a great buying decision…..

…..You have given them self agency to thrive.

…..You are generous with your time and connection.

…..You are grateful for them.

Want to finish the year strong and begin 2024 in the best position ever?

Make sure the Psychology of Money and Sales sits in front of the problem you solve for people.

You will thrive.

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