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The 7 Psychological Levels of Money

Language, actions, thoughts, and feelings around money and events associated with it run deep and shape our reality to have, share more or have less, do less or share less.  It is no different from any other force and focusing on money doesn’t make us wrong, bad or sacrilegious.  It’s the way we focus on money that allows or disallows us to make friends or enemies with it.

The 7 Psychological Levels of Money have two ends meeting in the center where we either come from survival or creation.

From a psychology and neuroscience perspective, we have blind loyalty to our family systems regarding money shaped by family members, stories and patterns our families told and took action regarding their finances. It’s this family system that gives us our first hint on how to handle or not handle money.  It is embedded as a feeling when we are young and as we get older that feeling may not be recognized as the connection to our money dynamics.  Here we are determining our ability to make money from our family conscience.

The first level is about survival.  From here it’s about the struggle to pay the bills.  The feelings of believing that the money will never get better and can’t get rich unless the rules are broken. The family system had a belief unless you knew people or had connections, money would always be a struggle.

The second level is about the beginnings of a relationship with money. It’s here that we start to think and feel that money is consistent.  This allows the feelings of belonging at the level the money allows.  There’s an undertone of the family system didn’t have money so will that be the same fate and will the money allow me to stay here and not lose the money. There’s a fear that works underneath the surface at all times.

As we get to the third level of money, our ego comes into play.  Here, we work hard for our money.  We feel we have worth because we are struggling as much.  Yet the family system can play havoc in such a way we start to sabotage ourselves.  We may not feel that we’ve done enough or we’re not enough.  It can cause someone to look elsewhere to make money that is not in alignment with who they are.

The fourth level is all about transformation with money.  Here there is the ability to stay in the present moment.  It allows us to look and acknowledge what is and not take forward the family system stories about money either consciously or unconsciously.  There is a full experience of knowing that limitations do not serve them or the family system.

As we move from transformation with our money, we enter into the levels that help us be creators of money.  Here the fifth level – internal coherence – is about our thoughts, feelings and actions are in consistent alignment with all aspects of our money dynamics. It’s like the brain and heart are working together in coherence internally and externally our actions reflect it.  This might feel like – I’ve made it. I accept it. I’m worth it.  It’s at this fifth level that we start truly thinking of others – how can I grow this with others?  You’ve stepped past the family story.  Your dreams and desires are more easily manifested.

Being in service is the sixth psychological level of money.  It is the level where someone truly understands the flow of money.  They understand and can implement how they can make money no matter what shows up in their lives.  There’s this true understanding of the energy behind money and how it circulates the world.  There’s a respect for money along with being a wise steward of money.  The thoughts, feelings and actions are around using money for a better world.  It goes beyond themselves.  There’s a joy around money as a resource to demonstrate what’s possible out there.

The last level and 7th psychological level of money is influence and all about “being.”  It’s a level f consciousness that says I am being abundant.  I am flowing with money.  It’s no longer about doing as we’ve been taught to do in the world.  It’s the experience that being abundant with money that you are seeing more possibilities, more synchronicities that come your way.  It’s a natural attraction and magnetism for the abundant world you want to create.  It’s the ultimate creator of money.

What psychological level of money are you experiencing right now?  What level do you want to reach?  What needs to change for you?  

There’s a knowing all of us have that let’s us know where we are and where we desire to go.  Though money isn’t everything, money touches so much in our lives.  

Become a creator and circulator of money.  It will serve you well.

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