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You inherit your Money DNA just like your Physical DNA. There are many hidden dynamics that limit entrepreneurs in business. Business owners are astounded by the unconscious loyalties they carry and surprised by the effects in their business. You inherit your patterns, thoughts, feelings, actions and outcomes around money from generations before you, your family systems, your experiences and your environment. And it plays out in your business everyday.

Statistics and research bears that out because over 80% of entrepreneurs make less than $80,000/year. After you pay taxes, team and expenses needed to run your businesses, there is very little left to pay yourself. The facts are that business owners carry the highest proportion of debt, also. In the end, over 80% of business owners live in entrepreneurial poverty.

Sales and money are the lifeblood of your business. No one is entirely rational when it comes to money in business. How you think about money and your money behaviors are two separate issues. Money isn’t necessarily fixed, but rather a complex set of data points, challenges and opportunities you circle around, interact with and have feelings about – lots of feelings!

No Money. No Sales. No Business.

No matter what you and your business do, it’s that simple.

But the business of being in business has become complicated.

Everyone states that all you need to do is buy their service or products and you’ll make more money. There is so much noise out there that most business owners try one tool or technique over and over again without much success instead of looking where they need to start.

LoriAnne Reeves

To be successful in your business, you’ve got to build it and grow it from the inside out with the right strategies based on your uniqueness in your market.

It starts with you taking a deep dive around your money with a Money DNA Consultation.

If you are thinking this is mindset – STOP. Mindset doesn’t work! If it did, everyone would have consistent monthly revenue and have a sustainable and profitable business.

This consultation is a combination of psychology, science and strategy.

In a Money DNA Consult, we use a proprietary system called Dimensional Interactive Mapping™ that’s a game changer for clients. It’s a series of interactive exercises that we use to get a blueprint of not only the psychological barriers to having consistent monthly income but the ability to double and triple your income each year. We also develop the strategic blueprint that’s necessary to grow a profitable and sustainable business.

Money DNA Consultation consists of the following:

A 90-minute meeting on Zoom where we will engage with the Dimensional Interactive Mapping™ that sets the stage for the strategy calls.

Two 45-minute strategy Zoom calls. The first strategy Zoom call is within 2 weeks of the 90 minute Interactive Mapping Zoom call and the second strategy Zoom call within two weeks of the first strategy Zoom Call.

Text and email support in between Zoom Calls.

If you have questions to evaluate whether you are a good fit for this program, schedule some time here to chat.

Dimensional Interactive Mapping™
Money DNA Consultation

Ready For A Game Changing Experience So Money And Sales Flow Easily To You?


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