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The #1 Skill You’re Missing for Success.

The other day someone asked me how I first got into psychology and how I built my Counseling and Consulting business.  I hadn’t thought about it in a long time and I just laughed.

I didn’t even understand what the word psychology meant when I first considered even applying for graduate school.  It wasn’t even a desire I had until someone said to me I’d be a good therapist.  “Who me?”  It was such an out of the box comment.  But it got me thinking and everything set in motion.

It turned out to be a great comment and the right path for me even till this day.  And I truly believe it has served me well everywhere I’ve taken my professional and personal path.

Understanding human nature is the #1 skill for everyone in their path to success.  Yet, in the last 15 years research tells us that this skill is diminishing faster and faster.

It doesn’t matter where you work or what business you have, this skill will save you money and frustration.

It affects the people you hire, the clients you interact with and the relationship you have with yourself in the context of your professional life.  It’s so crucial but so many ignore this skill or they think they have this skill and they don’t.

My clients end up needing this skill more than ever as business is changing so quickly.  During any time of uncertainty, relying on your ability to understand human nature will help you make great decisions and keep you on the path you want to be on and not get derailed.

Don’t assume you know people.  Make sure you develop this skill consistently.  Read.  Experiment with your interactions and see what works.

If you’re not sure what you need to know to develop about human nature, then hire someone.

You will never regret knowing human nature.

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