Business Done Differently

A year long 1:1 business container for entrepreneurs who are ready not only to grow but have this customized experience that’s a game changer.

Is this you?

I’m a service-based business owner and ever since I started this business I’ve been struggling with the ups and downs and not getting the traction in my market.

I’m an expert and have the programs to serve my clients in a big way with great results but no one knows me.

I’m a recent corporate professional who wants to start their business but have no clue where to begin and there’s so much noise out there.

I’m a professional service business and struggling with all things marketing and sales.

I’m delivering a unique service and having such a hard time getting my message across that no one understands my uniqueness.

At least one or more of these are true…..

You are not growing as quickly as you desire and need. You’re drowning in all the things to get down. Let alone client delivery. And don’t talk to you about your sales & marketing which is none existent. You want to make changes but it feels like even more work.

You’re not getting the support you need. You’ve tried the courses and memberships and other programs and all it did was cost you time and money. You’re unsure in how to successfully grow your business so you have an epic life.

You’re tired of just getting by and want to create your business with clients you love who stay with you for years. Your intuition tells you that chasing one more tactic or technique or cookie cutter formula are not the foundations of a profitable and sustainable business.

Sales, marketing and team building along with the psychology, science and strategy in your business, money and relationships. (The Big 3) are the linchpins holding you back from growing beyond the 6-figures to massive success.

You know you haven’t hit your highest level potential and all the possibilities out there for you.

We are so glad you are here.

Get ready because it’s your turn to have the business you always desired.

We are a company that teaches business owners how to think, act and make decisions as the leader and CEO they truly are to get where they want to go.

Grow and leverage to scale your business.

A reliable, repeatable strategic sales process so you can sell your offers to your right fit clients.

A marketing strategy that creates consistent lead generation that is not full of tactics and techniques but builds genuine business relationships.

Offers that fill a gap in your industry that are based on your uniqueness and lets your audience know you are a leader in your market.

Strong positioning and visibility so you can build a brand with authority and being relevant.

Breakthrough psychology for yourself, clients and potential buyers and the relationships you build. Why? Because we are all human and you need to build your business on connection to others to sustain it for the long haul.

One of a kind leadership that is customized to you and the strengths your clients and team need.

LoriAnne Reeves

To be successful in your business, you’ve got to build it and grow it from the inside out with the right strategies based on your uniqueness in your market.

What you get when you join

business done differently

We'll evaluate what's been working for you and what needs to change now. The emphasis will be to have sales coming in, tweak your audience and your messaging. We will overhaul your offer so potential clients want to buy from you consistently.

Every other week we will meet for our strategic advisory calls focusing on the big picture vision and strategic, tactical implementation that keeps growing your business.

Done for you service in lead generation that is customized for your business.

Once a month meeting to evaluate and tweak lead generation programs. Money and sales psychology training and how to ask for business and close sales.