Creating a New Level

When you think about business and what it takes to grow the business you desire to have impact and income, it requires you to let go of aspects of your personality.  What you started with can’t travel with you to create your ever evolving business. It’s about saying good bye to all the old patterns, […]

Does Mindset Work???

Mindset work is one of the holy grails of many experts out there.  We especially see this in the entrepreneurial world.  Everyone has a version of what works. The popular statement, “Change Your Mind Change Your Life!”….. on the surface is so true. To take it one step further, …..changing your mind requires you to […]

Build from Your Power and Not Your Fear

What’s the difference when you build your business from fear or your power? It’s a question I asked myself when I realized that I was creating, building, selling, coaching, consulting, speaking all from fear years ago. In that moment of realization, I knew where it started and I had integrated it into my life.  It […]

Do You Have Summer Income?

When summer rolls around a lot of us get into the mood for beach weather, cookouts, and vacations with family and friends.  It’s part of our culture. Even if your children are grown, the world runs on summer vacation.  But what does that mean for your business? Is your income less than you want in […]

Two Kinds of Truths

There are two kinds of truths as an entrepreneur. There’s the work you want to put there in the world that you know that you’re meant to do.  It’s your vision.  It’s your movement.  It’s your mission.   You know it and every day you keep that vision in front of you.  You can feel it […]