Two Kinds of Truths

There are two kinds of truths as an entrepreneur. There’s the work you want to put there in the world that you know that you’re meant to do.  It’s your vision.  It’s your movement.  It’s your mission.   You know it and every day you keep that vision in front of you.  You can feel it […]

What Happens After Taking the Call

In my last blog, I wrote about how important it is to Take the Call when you know you’re not stepping into the work you’re made to put out into the world. The interesting part of making a decision about moving forward with putting your work out there is it goes smooth for a while. […]

Take the Call – It Matters!

I remember the exact day and time. I was sitting in a big leather recliner staring out this huge window looking over the Persian Gulf. I was in Bahrain and by all accounts, my life was doing great. We were on an adventure living in Bahrain on a short-term assignment. Living in an apartment in […]