Created by LoriAnne Reeves, approved for media use.

Psychology & the Neuroscience of Leadership

  • 3 Ways to Use Psychology for Effective Leadership
  • How The Phenomena of Fear Reduces Team Productivity
  • Why Understanding Human Behavior is Critical to Successful Leadership
  • The 7 Levels of Leadership that Matter Today
  • What’s the Bottom-Line Regarding Psychology & Neuroscience in Organizations

Effective Relationships in Today’s World

  • Why Understanding Relationships in Today’s Workplace is Key
  • The Top 3 Best Ways Relationships Play Out at Work
  • The Personal is the Professional: 5 Insights to Have that Make You Effective at Home & Work
  • What Your Relationships Say About You.
  • Why Our Mental Health Plays Out in Our Relationships
  • The Psychology & Neuroscience of Relationships

Success in the Entrepreneurial Space

  • What It Takes to Reach the First Milestone as a New Business.
  • The First Million: What It Takes to Truly Reach the 7-Figure Mark
  • The Top 3 Skills to Develop for Business Success.
  • Why Money and Sales Psychology Matter
  • How to Build Trust with Your Audience & Clients
  • The Psychology & Neuroscience of Being in Business
  • Are You a Problem Solver in Your Business?

Creating Successful Salespeople and Sales Teams

  • Do Your Team Members Understand Money & Sales Psychology?
  • The 5 Levels of Successful Sales Relationships.
  • How Leaders Can Handle Conflict in a Sales Team.
  • How to Introduce Change to a Team.
  • The Psychology & Neuroscience of the Sales Brain.

Making Personal Development Your Superpower

  • What It Takes to Transform Your Life.
  • Why It’s Not About Passion but Purpose & Meaning.
  • How to Make Change & Transformation Better
  • Desire It. Design It.  Do It.
  • How to Redefine the Past into a Successful Life.
  • The Power to Get Beyond Trauma.