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Psychology & the Neuroscience of Leadership

“Utilizing psychology and neuroscience can often be done through assessments and experiential experiences to gain insights into leadership styles and those of their team members. This can help identify the best ways to introduce launches, gain productivity, determine motivation, and increase profitability.”

“Leaders must address the psychology of leadership – if they do not know, they need to find a guide to assist them in creating an environment of growth and retention. Many of my clients experience this, and the shift to a more prosperous position comes from being open to change.”

“Neuroscience is behind the transformation that occurs when leaders investigate how they lead and manage others, and it is the catalyst of culture change, and why some people respond to some leaders and not others.”

Effective Relationships in Today’s World

“Studies have shown that the way to speak the language of trust essential to building relationships in our world today is to understand the human psychology of your potential clients and teams at a deep level.”

“It is critical to success in building relationships, to put yourself in a position of having a breakthrough regarding how you manage everyone around you – it can be painful, but the new dynamic can change everything through strategy, psychology, and transformation.”

“Practicing empathy and belonging can be completely foreign to some leaders today, but doing so can bring a high performer that misses a deadline to new heights.”

Success in the Entrepreneurial Space

“One of the most important things I tell my clients is to make sure you have the right coach for the right outcomes you are trying to achieve at the moment in your business and life to ensure your success; a wellness coach to keep you centered and healthy should not be the same person that guides you and teaches you about sales and leadership.”

“In my many years of working with entrepreneurs, one of the basics I teach is that psychology at its basic form is understanding human beings; because we do business with other human beings, they have the same emotional components about money and sales as we do.”

“One of the things I know is imperative is for the entrepreneur to have communication skills with others that create trust and influence. It is not an easy task. Meeting people where they are at, knowing the language that best conveys what is needed, and evaluating what’s important – in a moment is established in your communication and determines your leadership, to fast-track success quickly.”

Creating Successful Salespeople

“Focusing on key behaviors that are detracting from the focus of your salespeople means coaching the behavior but not the person. Your language establishes the trust necessary for a person to hear the feedback and work with you for change to occur. Change will only occur if both of you are in agreement.”

“Clients want to be understood and know your salespeople understand their problem. There are solutions you provide that are the right fit for what challenges they are experiencing now that are causing their department, company, or their concerns. And the gap from challenge to a solution is clear and solves their urgent need.”

“Onboarding new team members is a critical component of success not only for the individual but everyone. There needs to be a psychological fit beyond everyone getting along and having a common goal the business requires – it also means the new member must internalize the business’ goals and mission, know it through their thinking, feelings, and actions.”

Making Personal Development Your Superpower

“Many want to change and transform their lives. Personal development is key to transformation. It’s not just mindset but a way to be self-aware of yourself and move forward with the most important question – What about me needs to change so this situation can change?”

“The personal is the professional, and the professional is the personal. It means that how we think, feel, and act gets established in our families of origin and impacts our relationships moving forward. To improve any relationship, make it part of your personal development to become aware of those patterns so you can put them to rest.”

“Your past is your wisdom. The present moment is where everything is happening right now. How you think, feel, and act in the present moment establishes your success in the future or not. It’s all up to you.”