LoriAnne Reeves - Background

This document serves as LoriAnne Reeves’ personal story that has led her to become the success she is today. This content is approved for repurposing in the media.

LoriAnne Reeves is a woman who survived early trauma in her life. She is now a powerhouse of resilience and perseverance. All were born of a life that included continued abuse as a child, with three tragic near-death experiences before the age of eight (two at the hands of others and the third a near drowning born of a little girl giving up), and throughout it all, she never let it define her. She instead moved into a successful life she loves.

Years later, as she tried to conceive, she underwent years of infertility treatment, which shifted her thinking while teaching her what it meant to thrive and persevere yet again. All that she has experienced, from childhood to adulthood, including her successful corporate career, has prepared her for where she is now, guiding her innovative process, where innovation becomes part of the human potential evolution to make transformation better with the practical solutions to sustainable growth and change.

LoriAnne works globally with entrepreneurs and leaders on their expertise, strategy, and leadership at the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, and relationships. The work bridges the gap between business and leader, growing sustainable results where change happens quickly. She shows her clients how leadership is an ongoing evolution from being an intelligent leader to a visionary leader on their path to changing their organizations, businesses, and themselves. LoriAnne is known for her leading-edge, full-immersion experiences in Leadership & Business Development and the neuroscience of human potential.

LoriAnne is a testament to what it is to creatively innovate your way through life, overcome adversity, and turning personal challenges into triumph through that process.