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Your Voice Matters

Your voice matters in a sales conversation.

A script for sales.

A technique for closing.

A way to cold call.

These don’t work nowadays. It doesn’t work if you want to have a meaningful relationship with potential clients who then see the value in your offer and hire you.

It doesn’t work if you are not having a conversation from the value you have for yourself and your work.

It doesn’t work because what so many forget is the human experience in any conversation that both of you are engaged in.

Your voice matters in a sales conversation whether that’s in person, on the phone or over messenger.  You’re speaking to another human being who is having a human experience right along with you from their perspective.

Your ability to gauge the conversation and respond to build a personal connection and trust depends on your ability to be agile in the conversation in response to the human experience the other person is having with you.  It’s their humanness and their human psychology that’s at play here.

It’s the one thing that gets left out a ton of times in any sales training.  In fact, the training is usually a way to get the person to say yes to you but in a way that lacks trust in the end.  Those are the clients that leave without paying you. When teaching clients about being agile in sales conversations that build trust, there are 3 voices that must shine through to the other person.

Confidence I’m not talking about the over the top hype you can do it confidence where it’s so positive that it’s fake.  But the kind of voice that exudes confidence in the knowledge of what you can do for them. It says you have the ability to provide results for them.  

They are taking a huge step forward when considering hiring and paying you.  When they first start with you, they will lean on you until they get their sea legs to implement what they hired you for.  They need you being sure.

Inspiration Your inspirational voice is not the big over the top promise but the voice that connects the dots for them to knowing they can implement what you will ask of them and get results.  When it’s hard, they will need to lean on you. Show them how to take responsibility for what they want to achieve and go for it with the work you do.

Inspire them to follow the dots that get them there.  This voice in a sales conversation allows them to start thinking about hiring you and feeling confident that this decision will be the right one for them.

Leadership It’s the most important voice to have in a sales conversation.  People hire you to lead them. They want confidence that not only do you have the right offer for them but you are a leader in your interactions with them.

I’m convinced after working in the personal development field and business building field for over 20 years, this is the voice potential clients are looking for in their sales conversation with you – and don’t recognize that’s what they are looking for in you. If you are a business owner, you are a leader whether you think of yourself as one or not.  No one leads the same way as anyone else but knowing what kind of leader you are and voicing it in all your sales conversations, will get your more ideal clients and closed sales

Sales and leadership are two of the core pillars of The CEO Entrepreneur™.  If you would like to read more, Click Here.

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