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Why Stuck is a Good Place to Be With Money

Stuck is a great place to be with your money.

It means you have outgrown what you are doing now to generate income. The money is no longer serving you.

It also means that the box you have put yourself in needs to expand.

You need to expand – energetically, psychologically, relationally, strategically and the practical ways that will support your expansion.

It doesn’t have to be a big move for some of you. It could be a tweak of your business offer, raising your prices or evaluating the results you provide.

Some of us are big changers all at once – that’s my model!

When I noticed my stuckness around money, I contemplated, googled, read and evaluated my situation. I’ll let it simmer in the background. It may take me months or just a few days but then I get what I need and it starts coming together. Decisions are made quickly and action follows.

To the outside world, I’ve made this decision without thought and I’m changing things without thinking.

When I made the decision to sell my private practice and go into the business I have now, it looked to everyone else I was a mad woman especially to my family.

Everyone was scared for me. I was calm and knew I had made the right decision for myself even though I had no clue what this new business would look like or if I could support myself.

In one day, I called my landlord to see if I could get out of my lease without penalty. He said yes if I was out within 24 hours. I called someone to move all my files and furniture from a 4 room office space. He told me he could do it now or else it would be a week later. I was out in 3 hours.

Within one day, that was accomplished. And I called 5 people I knew that would be interested in buying. The 3rd person said, “don’t ask anyone else, I’m in.” The logistics needed to be worked out. The legal sale took place 4 weeks later.

In the meantime, I traveled to 2 different conferences in the area where I wanted to expand.

When you notice you’re stuck with money, it also allows you to start investigating what could be next for you – the possibilities.

So being stuck is a loud clue to the fact it’s time to move! It’s a signal that you are ready to become more and have more. There is no more space in your small box for what is trying to emerge.

Don’t stay stuck around your money – start moving now.If you are stuck with your money, explore our signature money and sales program – Radical Change with Your Money in 2022. Click here.

LoriAnne Reeves

PS. A side note – About 40% of the adult population can make a good decision quickly. 60% take much longer. Recognize that in the folks you have conversations with and ask for business.

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