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Where Does It Start?

It was a simple question from a client that I wanted to give the simplest answer that would be helpful and not complicated to how they had such a blind spot.

I’m sure you are all aware of experts that teach & speak on getting folks, business owners, families, or couples past limiting beliefs, blindspots, stories or blocks that are getting in the way of them living their best lives at home, work or growing a business.

They come in all shapes and sizes; those that do this work.

They use all kinds of methods to help folks get pass what’s holding them back from taking their place in the world. Some call it “controlling your thoughts”, “mindset”, “meditation” and some even combine physical activity such as yoga.

The methods don’t matter as much as the answer to the question – “Did I get the result I wanted?”

The research done in the clinical psychological field over the years has show if the psychologist, therapist or social worker is competent in their field, the overriding factor in getting the result is:

The client likes and trust the person treating them.

Yep, that’s it.

I’ve been trained as a clinical therapist using psychology and systemic methods (how systems work or don’t work with each other) to help my clients get pass or manage the results of a limiting pattern that’s holding them back from making money, building their businesses, growing business relationships and building someone’s leadership DNA. This work goes on in small businesses, family owned businesses and corporate.

I’m bias. I think one of the best ways to quickly set limiting patterns aside is by doing systemic work with my clients along with giving them strategies that lead to huge successes.

My answer to “Where Does It Start?” comes from the lens of working with all kinds of systems for years: sales systems, money systems, family systems, teams, business systems and your system that either works or clashes with the systems you encounter everyday at work, home or the business you are trying to grow.

Where do these limiting patterns start?

1. An event happens. It can be any event that is experienced or witnessed. It can be as simple as an exchange between two people. However, it has significance to you no matter how insignificance to someone else.

2. A decision is made to understand the event.

3. Language is created and actions taken to support the decision.

4. That creates a set of “rules” that support the language and actions.

5. Those rules create the lens that you now bring to any system or problem or success.

6. It becomes the “way it is” even if you don’t consciously know it.

7. It then becomes an unconscious habit.

Most of the time, a limiting pattern is what keeps you stuck.

You are more addicted to the struggle of the limiting pattern than the ability to overcome it. You may be more loyal unconsciously to someone else that holds you back than to your own success!

The good news is if you keep coming up against a limiting pattern, it is trying to tell your personal system it wants to rest and have a healthy pattern emerge. Which is good news for all of us to get to our success in life.

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