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When I Get the Money I’ll Hire You!

“When I get the money I’ll hire you!” Famous last words, right?

No business owner wants to hear that especially since you’ve recognized that this is a right fit client for you and you know how you can help them. It’s a common phrase from potential clients who want to work with you but have not created revenue in their business.

I hear it a lot and I always have to smile and ask a few questions.

Question #1 – Does that mean you don’t have money right now in your bank account or you don’t have money at all.

Sometimes you need to explore what that means for people. They truly could be destitute which empathy and a clear one-step strategy for them is all you can do. Put them on your email list because you never know when they could be ready.

With most people the right question is…..

Question #2 – Tell me more.

A simple question that can give you a ton of information. Does it really mean that there is no money right now in their account but have 3 invoices coming in a few days from now.

It could mean that they want to hire you and have the money but are afraid of the consequences at home.

It could mean so many things that people hang onto their money that you don’t know about and it’s your job to explore.


Because human beings lie about money!

When I had my psychotherapy practice, it was a common occurrence for couples to lie to themselves and each other in therapy about money. It was no better when I was a sales rep with corporations. So when I came into the entrepreneurial space, I found out it was worse!

Ask a business owner, a simple question about their monthly income and I will get an explanation for several minutes before I ever get a number.

When I hear, “I would love to hire you but I will have nothing left.” What has just happened is that person doesn’t believe they can do what you will teach them to do that gives them additional monthly income. That’s my genius skill and they still can’t get past themselves.

It’s why it’s so important for you to be able to handle objections and concerns before it gets to this point. You know the common ones for your business so in your discussions answer those questions before they are asked.

When it comes to money and sales, the lens is always cultural, generational, familial and includes that person’s experiences before you ever get to the problem you solve.

I know people want to think of money and sales as a science.

The Rules. The Technical Side. The Logic.

Actually, money and sales operate more like psychology in every business.

It comes down to the emotions and nuances.

Practice those.


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