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What’s Your Relationship with Money?

Money – Every business owner wants it BUT not every business owner

wants to work for it,

ask for it

or even acknowledge it.

There are times I get push back for bringing up this topic.

“LoriAnne, money isn’t everything!”

Of course it’s not, but money is in every aspect of your business and unless you acknowledge it, pay attention to it and ask for it as a business owner, you will make making money hard for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be that hard to make.

If you solve a problem, have a clear and compelling message and ask for the sale, you will build your business and money will show up in your bank account. It can be that simple.

Money loves energy.

Money loves movement.

Money loves your attention.

And it starts with you.

If you ignore money, do you think you will see the opportunities to make money in your business?

Unfortunately, no.

We are always presented with opportunities, creative insights and intuitive nudges about how to grow our money in business but if you are not paying attention, you don’t recognize them and they move on to someone else.

The relationship you have with money will determine much of your success in your business especially for the first few years.

Your psychological blocks and patterns end up getting in the way. Many times you don’t even know it. I know many of you have sat in an event, a training or meeting and heard someone speak and recognized right away what the problem is while the person has no clue. It’s the same with money. I hear it all the time.

We are not always the best judge of our relationship with money. These blocks and patterns cloud our judgement. That’s why a client can tell me they did ask for the business when in reality they didn’t.

Where does all this come from you may be asking. It starts with how you grew up with money and what you took from that experience. It comes from an unknown loyalty you may carry. It can come from a significant event in your adult life. It can even come from a difficult decision you made that has nothing to do with money. The best one and the hardest to let go of – you have made up a money story that’s not serving you!

The best way to start figuring this out is to start with where you are right now. Pay attention for the next 10 days or so and document what you say to yourself when you pay the bills, when you receive money, when a client says no, when you’re shopping, how you talk about money and when you ignore it.

This is what will happen. A pattern will emerge of your current relationship with money. Even the smallest story you have with money can have a huge impact in your business.

Sit with that current pattern and sense into how you truly feeling about what’s going on. Be honest with yourself. This can be difficult.

Money is the one topic that many people are not honest. Most of the time it’s not intentional.

This is what I know. If you start here, you will be in better shape than 50% of your colleagues. Let’s get a good relationship with money and money will reward you by making it simpler to make in your business.

If I can support you anyway about making more money in your business, connect with me here. I’m passionate about helping you serve at the highest level and make awesome money in your business.

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