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What To Do About Fear

When I was broke, I thought that being successful would stop making me afraid.  I would wake up in the morning and the fear was sitting there like a heavy boulder in my body.

No matter what, if you’re an entrepreneur…..you’re going to find yourself afraid at some point.

It’s one of the many truths of entrepreneurship.

Wake up and feel that heavy thing sitting in your gut – normal.

Not knowing how you’re going to figure something out – normal.

Some days feeling delusional about the business – normal.

The reason you’re having fear but doing it anyway?

You’re right down smack in the middle of entrepreneurship evolution.

You’re experiencing your next level of leadership and success up level.

That’s scary and it’s easy to be afraid.

What do you do about this?  The answer isn’t simple.

For me, I lean in more and more to the fear and let it wash over me.

I realized over the years that trusting myself more and more and knowing I was resourceful was a great start.  No matter what, I would be OK.

But time being fearful wasn’t going away with any external reason…..even success ….. but will go away because of an internal reason.

If today you feel afraid, the answer isn’t out there…..it’s “in here.” 

Start there.

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