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What Happens After Taking the Call

In my last blog, I wrote about how important it is to Take the Call when you know you’re not stepping into the work you’re made to put out into the world.

The interesting part of making a decision about moving forward with putting your work out there is it goes smooth for a while. You know what you haven’t been doing so you start there. You have more conversations. You begin the next strategy you’ve been thinking about and hadn’t done.

Then it happens – 

Something goes wrong. The money isn’t coming in. It’s becoming harder to stick to putting your work out into the world. Something personal comes up that diverts your attention.

You name it. It will happen.

After any decision to expand, there’s always a contraction.

The contraction points to where your psychology and mindset need some shoring up. That’s why it happens. You’ve got some things to clear up before your work is out there fully.

It’s why entrepreneurs that are not where they want to be with their work and have this vision they need to get out there make a mistake right from the start.

Withholding the vision without taking care of your psychology and mindset, you bring your scarcity, struggles, and smallness to the one thing you know you’re meant to be doing out into the world – your vision.

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