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What Business Problems Really Disguise

Most business owners and businesses look at problems from a logistical perspective to be solved. They may hire a consultant, assign someone to head a committee, or join a high-end mastermind to correct the problem they’re facing.

The issue that shows up over 90% of the time is the business problem is actually a disguise for a personal growth issue. The problem could be solved quicker if the person or team member saw the problem from a different personal lens, from an elevated lens, without the baggage that can get in everyone’s way.

Businesses love to leave out the human beings involved with their psychology, brain thinking, feelings, and actions. It’s always easier to think you can think your way out of a problem than considering how people connect and how their personal perspective is key.

It’s so much easier to teach something and use our brains to think ourselves out of the problem than it is to consider that people’s feelings are what drive them to take the right actions.

How do you master your feelings so the right actions are taken? That’s hard to discuss in a business setting. So people avoid it. Businesses avoid it.

Yet business psychology is key to the people who you will ask to solve the problem. It’s even a bigger perspective for yourself. It’s all about the business of being in business. Integrating business psychology and the logic of business is key because most business problems are personal issues.

The professional is the personal and the personal is the professional. It’s always been that way but where we are now in the world brings this to the forefront. Business owners who look at problems through the lens of personal development and business psychology will be here for the long term and allow them to solve problems quicker, have mod clarity and stand out in their market.

Let’s connect over this and how I can show you to grow your business from the inside out which allows you to stand out and position your marketing, lead generation, and sales conversions.


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