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Two Kinds of Truths

There are two kinds of truths as an entrepreneur.

There’s the work you want to put there in the world that you know that you’re meant to do.  It’s your vision.  It’s your movement.  It’s your mission.  

You know it and every day you keep that vision in front of you.  You can feel it and yet it feels so far away.

The other truth is the everyday work you do to keep your business going. Struggling to make sure that each month there’s enough to pay the bills, pay yourself and maybe even a team member.  Never enough to actually really step into that vision but always hoping that you’ll get there.

These two truths keep your business small and your vision small.  There’s never enough to take that vision to the movement you’re here to create.  

To grow the work you’re here to put out into the world, take a psychological journey into where that smallness truly comes from and understand its depth.  That will set you free from always being small with your vision.

It’s a deep regret for many looking back and wishing they had done it differently.

Don’t use wishing as a strategy.


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