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What Clients Need from You to Build a Trust Based Relationship

As we continue to see the business landscape change and more technology come our way to make work better, the human touch with clients becomes more critical.

Research shows us that there is a direct correlation to the more technology we use in business, the more ways we must find to stay connected to the human beings we deliver our expertise and to the teams that support us.

Clients are looking for experts they can trust.  We’ve all become cynical in our world today.  Even if you protect yourself from the negativity out there, you are affected through osmosis. So are your clients and those thinking about working with you.

Potential clients come to a conversation looking and waiting to see where you are not congruent.  Just because you know your integrity is intact doesn’t mean that they do.  They are evaluating you to determine whether they can trust you to not only deliver your expertise but to do it in a way that the client feels that you know them and what their aspirations are for their future.

Clients are looking for a transformational partner that understands their goals, challenges, and aspirations.  When you align your language and actions to fully engage with them around their vision for themselves and their business, the beginning of building trust starts happening.

The language of trust is key in building trust based relationships.  It’s important to remember when speaking to a client, that your language is viewed not by what you are trying to convey but through the lens of the person you are speaking to in the moment.

It’s why trust based relationships begin with your words when you pop on the phone, have a Zoom call and even write an email.  Many experts in their field get stuck using their industry language too quickly when speaking to potential clients.

 Ask yourself – 

  • Are you being a valuable partner in achieving their desired transformations? 
  • Are you demonstrating in the moment your commitment to their success?
  • Are you using the language of trust followed by your actions that convey they can trust you to get where they want to go?


The last key point is if you don’t trust yourself for any reason, building trust based relationships will be difficult for you.

It’s why building yourself and your business is an inside job 80% of the time. 

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