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This Could Be the Reason You’re Not Making Money

When I work with my clients, there are many conversations about strategy, sale conversations and what to do in the right order and the right timing for their types of businesses and the lifestyle they want to create.

We always see progress in those first few weeks and months but there comes a time in the first part of our work together that the momentum slows and those patterns that have held them back creep back in because we have pushed them into the uncomfortable zone of their brains and psychology.

A part of ourselves wants to go back to our comfortable state even though it’s not what we want for ourselves, our businesses and our families. Neuroscience has proven over the years that our brain will sabotage us to get back to being comfortable and not grow.

As entrepreneurs, it plays out in our ability to make the money we want. I always say that building a business will be the best self help program you’ll ever attend!

There is one consistent reason that this plays out for about half of the people I see that prevents them from making money. I’ve seen it play out for over 20 years. I saw this reason in my clinical practice I had for over 15 years and I see it now in this business.

Maybe this is your reason for not making money.

You have made an unconscious commitment to someone else that you can never be bigger than they are.

That commitment keeps you small.

That commitment keeps you from being truly seen.

That commitment keeps you from expressing your full potential.

You don’t even realize that you’ve made this commitment but your actions do. And consequently you can’t grow your business using your full self expression which prevents you from making the money you want and deserve.

Who could you possible have made this commitment to you’re wondering?

You made this commitment as a child with an important relationship or an event that occurred. I see this with entrepreneurs, work teams and leaders. They don’t realize this is the reason and when they do, it’s such a pivotal awakening. Be open to this because I can assure you it will never be what you think it is.

You made this commitment with a partner whether romantic or business. I see many women have this unconscious commitment in their relationships because of their fear if they express their full potential and become successful a partner will leave them. So they continue to stay small. This affects about 80% of the women I’ve spoken to over the years. There were so many women I spoke to in my therapy practice that expressed their greatest regret in life was not living their full potential. I continue to see that today. Don’t be this person!

You made this commitment with yourself because of some fear that you have made up and it has never happened. There are so many times I ask. “Do you have proof that this has ever happened to you?” This is “no” but their unconscious commitment overrides any logic around holding themselves back. Don’t use fear as an excuse.

These unconscious commitments are holding you back from making money because you are not expressing yourself fully. You can’t imagine the true possibilities of what you can create.

When I’m speaking to someone and I ask the question, “Tell me what you want for yourself, your business and your family?” After listening closely to your answer and I instinctively respond, “That’s all?”

The beginning of the unconscious commitment reveals itself. The deep work starts along with practical strategy that gets you where you want to go – fully expressed you making money at what you love and are good at in getting results for your clients.

Comment below if you have anything to share. Click hereif you want to talk to me if you suspect an unconscious commitment is holding you back.

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