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The Upper Limit

Seems like the year is speeding up already.

January came and went. I got stuff done and of course, for a minute gave myself a hard-time for not getting it ALL done. ALL that I thought should have gotten done.

I was able to watch myself in real time go through the emotions of what I was doing and be aware of it. I even named the problem that was happening and let it wash over me to be able to move on quickly.

We do that to ourselves as business owners. That split second or days of being hard on ourselves for the results we didn’t get or didn’t check off the To-Do List. In those moments, I remind myself to appreciate what is and to recommit.

However, when awesome, big transformation occurs for yourself or your business, we can only handle so much success at once and we reach what’s called the upper limit problem.

Even the most successful folks out there, struggle with the upper limit problem.

It becomes even more apparent when you’re a business owner.


Everything is magnified when you are an entrepreneur – the good, the bad and those ugly times. And the upper limit problem can hold you back, get in your way and have you struggle unnecessarily at key growth periods.

I’ve even seen it when a client first starts working with me. They say they want success, more money and more clients. Yet, it can take a few months for them to work through those daily resistance points, their upper limit to get to the next level of their success.

Where does it show up the most in your business? The money you are or are not bringing in on a consistent monthly basis.

As entrepreneurs, we play this out constantly. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting, bringing in $10,000/month or $100,000/month. You will hit that glass ceiling with your upper limit problem.

I experienced this is real time recently. I had an awesome three days with participants in a workshop and clients at a private retreat. Everything went well. I was confident I delivered my materials and facilitated transformation for my own clients to get to the next big level for themselves. I was excited to see the changes happening.

What did I do the evening of the last day as I was reviewing the successes of all three days? I found myself suddenly saying out loud with tears in my eyes that I felt behind in my work. I hadn’t accomplished much.

In that moment, I recognized I was having an upper limit problem and talked myself through it and the moment was gone. Whew!

We humans do that to ourselves – we can only handle so much success before we tear it down, sabotage ourselves and have our upper limit problem show up.

We all do it.

Otherwise, we would all be successful . . . all the time in our businesses taking our place in the world and making the money we want.

I’d love to chat with you about what your upper limit problem is in your business.

Access my calendar here.

I did not discover the upper limit problem but I did study with those who did. I received a two year certification in Leadership & Transformation from the Hendricks Institute. Gay & Katie Hendricks, both PhD’s are pioneers in this work.

I highly recommend Gay’s book – The Big Leap.

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