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The True Mission of Sales

You’ve heard when it comes to sales it’s all about…..

…..the relationship.




…..the value you bring.

…..the results your clients receive.

All true and all important.

Each of these components all have structures, frameworks and the psychology and the science that combine in the right timing and the right order depending on the work you do.

But the core of sales that most people miss – is that…..

 “sales is about helping people to unpack the reality about themselves that is not true.”

This is the biggest gift you can give someone in a sales conversation.

There are so many conversations I’ve had over the years listening to someone describe to me what they desire and what’s going on currently in their business and life.  I’m listening intently and keep asking show me the evidence.  Yet they can’t or they start making stuff up to justify the current situation.

It’s all the stuff they actually believe about themselves that creates their reality which is not even true!  So unpacking those layers is part of the conversation that reflects what you offer to them.  

You would be on the call forever if you took on all their made up realities.  But the one that gets in the way of a perfect potential client buying your offer, it’s your core mission in your conversation to show them the reality about themselves that’s not true.

If you take this as your core mission in a sales conversation, don’t forget to do it for yourself first before each call with a right fit client.

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