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The Psychological Underbelly of Money in Business

There’s this psychological underbelly about money that permeates most business owners and people in sales including sales leaders. They don’t make the connection of the most important aspect that’s getting in the way of being successful in business – their psychology.

This underbelly about money fuels the strategy for the business and for clients. In fact, it leads your strategy. That’s the reason they go hand and hand and not taken as separate aspects of your business. 

If the underbelly of your money is not handled, you have flawed strategies for your business and make it harder to find the success you’re looking to achieve. In fact, you can’t even see the right strategy to implement because that deep psychological money underbelly is the lens you’re looking through to make all your decisions. 

The goal is not so much to “get rid” of this lens regarding money but to change the relationship with your psychological underbelly about money so your lens is clearer and has more clarity of the strategies you implement so you can make better decisions.  

You need to realize that who you are in business is far more vast than who you think you are. The single most important thing you can do to break from your own psychological underbelly concerning money and strategy is to strongly challenge the narrative that you and your business are living right now. To push back, not from mindset, but from the deep narrative you don’t know you are playing out right now.

When you apply the interactive Mental Models Framework to money and  strategy, clients get the following results: 

In less than 6 months, Wendy redefined her struggling business, to having a large company fly her first class to HQ, pay her for an in person discovery session with leaders to a 6 figure offer. Before, her largest contract was $5K. She’s working at a high level without working harder. 

Cindy had her business for over 8 years never hitting the 6 figure mark and never making profit. Today, she’s at 6 figures in 6 months and her intention is multiple 6 figures in the next 6 months. 

David has a small sales team and this work has exploded his team’s performance by 300% in the last 9 months. 

Does this combination of work comfortable? No. 

Does it challenge a lot of your understanding of you? Yes. Does it affect your leadership? Yes (for the better). 

Stay with it and in a short period of time, your results will surprise you in a  good way. You actually wake yourself up to moving forward with conviction with the right strategies for success and the proof that backs you up. 

Want to know more about using this framework? Contact me at  LoriAnne@LoriAnneReeves.com

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