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The Many Sides Of Money

Money is money.  You need money to make money.  You’ve got to take risks as an entrepreneur.  Hate sales but don’t hate money…..

The list goes on about money and how different business owners think about it and how they make it and feel about it.

Money is a tangible thing in the entrepreneurial journey.  You need it to fund all you need to get your business going.  You need it to grow your business.  You need it to pay yourself for the problem you solve.  You need it to pay your team.  Without money, your business doesn’t exist.

Yet, there are so many sides to money that business owners can easily trip themselves up in being able to start, grow and scale a business.  The stats support this with only 20% of business owners reaching the 6-figure mark and the less than 2% that get beyond 7-figures.

You know that money is used to buy goods and services.  The world has agreed to that.  Yet, it turns out it’s not that simple.

We humans do a great job of complicating money.

We have so many emotions regarding money.  Lots of emotions! You don’t even need to be an entrepreneur to have an emotional relationship with money. It plays out everyday when you look at your bank account, especially as a business owner.

  • We bring money stories to our businesses by repeating what our families did with their money as we grew up and how they continue to repeat what may or may not serve them. 
  • We bring our prior experiences about money to our businesses.
  • We bring the way we relate with our spouses and significant others about money to our businesses.
  • We bring the way we think with our brains around money to our businesses.
  • We bring our psychological barriers we can’t see around money to our businesses.
  • Finally, we bring our hopes and dreams about how money will show up in our businesses.

Have any one of these or two and you can see how we complicate money.

It’s how you develop your Money DNA in your business.  Everyone is different in what we bring to our money. Just like we have a physical DNA, we have a Money DNA that gets shaped and imprinted into us from what we bring from our lives.

It’s important you recognize what you bring in from your life into your business that’s complicating your money.  Ignoring it is not a strategy.

Read.  Get help.  Do what’s necessary to be the person that you want to be when it comes to having a sustainable business now and into the future.

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