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The Intangibles of Inspiration

I’ve been writing lately about having a clear and compelling message.

It’s important to not only catch someone’s attention but to do it from a place that is uniquely you. You’ve heard that before from others but there are intangibles that are important for you to consider when writing your message whether to speak it out loud or in writing copy for yourself.

When you have that message that gets someone’s attention, you have the first step in Connecting with someone. It allows you to determine whether this conversation can be taken further into Capturing the right information to see if both of you want to have the sales conversation and for you to Close a new client.

Once you connect with someone and this conversation goes further, you must be speaking your message with your Voice of Inspiration. This is where the intangibles come forward and weave into your messaging.

1. Thinking through your message and choosing the words is the strategy around your messaging.

2. The feelings you are able to convey effectively in your messaging, is the inspiration someone needs to feel about what you are saying to them about the results you will provide. You want to make them feel from your words that move them forward to them feeling they will move forward with your help.

Remember decisions are made from emotion not logic. Decisions are justified with logic. That’s why the inspiration is as important as the words.

3. Your insight involves your intuition, your gut feeling and you take those feelings, thoughts, impulses and images to someone with your message that are then turned into a conclusion, a roadmap or a blueprint. You are showing them the pathway to the results.

4. Your energy level that has excitement. That energy is conveyed into your message. It’s not over the top energy but the energy that has you knowing that this person is a great potential client. It’s the energy of the rhythm, the power, and the passion in your messaging. People feel that. They don’t know that’s what they are feeling but they know they need to work with you.

Remember using your message to start, enhance and extend a relationship with a potential client gets you the right clients and puts money in your bank account.

I’d love to work with you to get that voice of inspiration into your message.

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