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The Extraordinary Power This Has Over You.

We now know through psychology and neuroscience that your beliefs have extraordinary power over everything in your life.

  • But where to they come from?
  • How do you acquire them?
  • And most important, how can you start changing your beliefs, so they actually start supporting you with your dreams, desires and build and grow your business in ways you want to live?

Everything you believe comes from what you experienced before the age of seven.

Every thought, image, idea, emotion and experience you had from the moment of conception until the age of 7, becomes fixed into your subconscious mind – both wonderful, challenging and trauma ridden.  It stays there through adulthood unless you consciously decide to change it.

It’s a conscious decision on your part to change your beliefs.  Nothing happens unless you make that key decision.

Here’s what happens in those early years before 7 years old.  As a young child, when you have a thought, image, idea, emotion or experience to understand, you assign a feeling to it no matter if it’s true or not.  Once you determine the feeling, you then find language within you to justify that feeling.  If you are not verbal yet, your behavior is your language.

This sequence now gets repeated and it becomes your belief and settles into your subconscious into adulthood which determines your behavior in life and business.

Those beliefs now are in charge of how you run your business!

When you make the decision to change your beliefs so you and your business are successful, it’s like a 3 legged stool – you must change your beliefs, your feelings, your language and actions all at once.

When you decide to change – ask yourself each time – what next needs to change about me?

That’s when you make a true decision to change your life.

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