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Take the Call – It Matters!

I remember the exact day and time.

I was sitting in a big leather recliner staring out this huge window looking over the Persian Gulf. I was in Bahrain and by all accounts, my life was doing great.

We were on an adventure living in Bahrain on a short-term assignment.

Living in an apartment in the Ritz Carlton.

Traveling to other countries for holidays.

Working remotely and traveling back home every 6 weeks.

Meeting great people.

But that day, I felt this overwhelming sensation, such a strong feeling I had never experienced before.  In an instant, I cried out – “from now on I will only live to my fullest and highest potential.”

At that moment – I took The Call!

You know what I’m talking about – the feeling that bubbles up out of nowhere that lets you know there’s more for you.

The feeling that won’t go away when you know there’s something at a higher level you meant to do.

The feeling when you keep putting off your dream while you take care of all those responsibilities.

It’s time for you to Take the Call! 

It matters to you.

It matters to your family.

It matters to your friends.

It matters to the work you’re here to put out into the world.

It matters to the world.

Take the Call!


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