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I was blown away a year ago when I went to a training and realized that I had found something that would be a wonderful addition to the work I was doing with my own clients. It would be added to the system I was now using to help my clients grow a sustainable and profitable business.

That is important to me because 90% of entrepreneurs make less than $100,000 a year in the businesses they work hard to create on a daily basis.

It’s unacceptable to me.

To put in the hours and the money to build something of their own, then to not be in business in five years due to cash flow. That’s what crushes dreams for someone’s business and also their families. It can be heartbreaking. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I know it can be different for business owners and the system I use to work with my clients to get results has three major components.

1. Strategy – You can’t build a business without strategy. It’s that simple. That strategy needs to revolve around the fundamentals of business: Solve a problem that gets results, have a compelling message that gets you noticed and be able to sell yourself, your products and services. Once you’ve master the fundamentals while making money, it’s then time to build a more sustainable and profitable business by leveraging more of yourself and what you do. That strategy to get to multiple 6 figures and then to over a million depends on so many factors. It’s a collaboration and it’s always different because the next level demands other skill sets.

There are many moving parts to business building and the key is two fold: building in the right order with the right resources for your business, your industry and yourself. While all at the same time growing your sales.

I get a ton of push back from folks because I start with sales. I do this because I know that if you don’t continue to increase your sales, you will become one of those statistics quickly. I don’t want that for you. Too many people are enamored with the bright and shiny object syndrome of “maybe this will get me there faster.” The only way to get there faster is making money so you can invest in yourself and your business to get what you need next.

It’s that simple.

2. Psychology – You can’t build a business or a life without understanding yourself and the people you interact with. Most folks pay lip service to this. “Just give me the strategy.” They are thinking if I get the next way to build my business then I’ll be fine. If strategy worked alone, you could google what you needed and not need anything else. It doesn’t work that way. Why? We’re human. We work, sell and build relationships with other human beings. We’re not robots.

I spent 8 years as a sales rep and worked in my grandfather’s business as a young child, I still made plenty of mistakes in building my businesses. I have a marriage and family therapy master’s degree, I’m here to tell you even in that business, the last topic anyone wanted to talk about was money just like entrepreneurs today. No wonder businesses are failing. I consulted with some major industries while having my clinical practice and it all comes down to people feeling heard, seen and did what they say mattered.

Your psychology, noticing other’s psychology and being able to integrate that while selling, building relationships, building a team and getting out of your own way while building your business adds so much to your success.

We don’t know when we’re addicted to the struggle instead of success. It shows in businesses everyday. We say we want success yet we are masters of sabotaging ourselves and continuing the struggle. It doesn’t have to be that way.

3. Transformation – Because we are not one dimensional beings, there needs to be a way to tap into ourselves from a more interactive way to have success quicker. I’ve added systemic interactive mapping to my private client retreats. It has been a powerful process to get deep and three dimensional to quickly tap into ways we are holding ourselves back and helping to rewire us and our brains. We don’t always know how our personal systems interact with our business system. It helps you and how you work with clients on personal and professional development of every kind.

It helps you and your clients to see and understand why and where everyone find themselves continually stuck, repeat personal patterns into your business misfortunes and feel like you don’t belong in your own business while not making money. You’re able to see where you are caught into your systems and how to reframe places where struggles exist and are then able to spring forward for success and fulfillment. This work allows you to launch, influence and develop professional agility as well as team and leadership capabilities.

When you combine, strategy, psychology and interactive mapping to building your business, your success and leadership come to the forefront of who you truly are to take your full place in the world.

Want to discuss this system with me, click here.

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