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Relationships are Part of Our DNA.

There’s so much to say about relationships.  We humans are relational.  A long time ago as a species, we decided to collaborate with each other for survival and developed ways to be relational to our core.

It is what has made us as individuals, live within our families and communities to feel alive and share it with others.  It’s what keeps us going.

More than ever in today’s closely connected world, relationships drive business and we need to be able to interact and relate well with others to fully create a fulfilled life and business.  The quality of our professional and personal relationships is equally critical.

The personal is the professional and the professional is the personal.

Neuroscience teaches us that how we are in relationships is the result of patterns learned from the beginning of life in our interactions with our caregivers.  It sets the feelings, beliefs and behaviors you have in relationships.

Business relationships begin there, too. How we are at home is how we show up in our business in reaction to or in collusion with the family system we grew up in. 

Family relationships set us up for our business relationships.  You can use this knowledge to set yourself up for success when exploring how you are seeing a family pattern showing up in a business relationship.  Depending if it supports the relationship or not, you can make the appropriate changes.

Leaders with good relationship skills inspire rock star teams who are integrated, dynamic and dedicated to the mission.  Without good relationship skills, teams don’t work as well and can affect the bottom line.

If you are struggling with a relationship, look inward first and ask yourself, “Where has this happened before?”

Check your family of origin relationships first and then your current family relationships.  All the clues will be here.

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