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Nothing happens in Your Business

Nothing happens in your business without some form of a sales conversation that’s personal and builds trust.

Let that sink in.

We know that’s true but we’re not doing a decent job as business owners developing a way to talk to potential clients that lets them know what the results are we get for our clients.

If you are riding the wave of inconsistent income, know that money only moves into your bank account by having sales conversations that result in CLOSED SALES.

There are no other fancy explanations about making money in your business.

What drives sales? -You bringing value to your clients.

What drives sales? -You bringing value to your clients. You get paid in proportion to the value you provide and the money you get for that value is the price you ask for – ask too little for the value you bring and you will struggle with raising your prices and potential clients will doubt you. Ask too much for the value you bring and quickly you will have only a few clients.

Business owners want to make more money but don’t think through the value they bring to the table.

It’s not about doing “more” that gives more value.  It’s about communicating the value!

You are not having a conversation about your offer that communicates the value fully.

That is how you get to The Easy Ask in your business to make more money consistently.

Have a clear and compelling message that shows your value.

Have a conversation about what you do and the results your value provides to your clients. Sometimes when speaking to my own clients and in sales conversations, I often hear – why? Because when you have a conversation that is personal about the work you do that provides clients value, it builds trust.

Trust is what makes the difference in conversations.

When you build trust in your conversations about the value and results, clients will know immediately if it’s for them.  Then they will invest with you because they now trust you and you have spoken in a way that’s personal to what they want to accomplish.

Show them how to connect the dots with what you do and the value they will receive from you with a specific problem they need to solve.

Remember, money moves in business through sales – it hasn’t changed.   You can make money move into your bank account with sales conversations that are personal, build trust and communicates your value.

If you’re not making the money you want consistently, the value you offer is part of our teachings in The CEO Entrepreneur.  Read more here.

If you are doing all of the above and still not making good money, there’s something deep in your core that’s keeping you stuck.  Read this article from last week about this subject.

There’s more to say about Value and Sales and I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks

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