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New Year, New Intentions

I thought long and hard about what I wanted the first blog of the year to reflect on.

I know you’re getting tons of stuff about New Years Resolutions, goal setting, vision boards, planning out the year, classes and webinars which all serve their purpose. In fact, my vision board is 3D. She’s a garment dress form that I dressed in tulle, paper money and gold fabric with lights. All over, I have my intentions for the year in words and pictures. She stands in my living room and I see her multiple times a day.

This blog is my intention for you. It is what I want you to focus on with intention no matter what your plan or vision for your business and yourself.

1. Focus on Leadership

Leadership is an attitude not a title. Leadership is a state of mind. Leadership is about excellence is all parts of your life. Find your leadership voice to use with clients and customers. Use your leadership voice when speaking to potential clients/customers in a sales conversation. Lead and collaborate when working with your tribe members.

2. Choose the Language of Trust.

The words you use determine your actions. The language of trust builds a community. The language of trust breaks through the noise. The language of trust finds your ideal clients. You will inspire, uplift and move people using the language of trust.

3. Work with and serve others.

Give something of value. Give something authentically. Give something from your head, heart and soul. It can’t be done any other way.

4. Deliver Real Results.

Deliver results not based on chance. Deliver results that your people need. Deliver results that move you and others forward. Results come from a pursuit of focusing on the right things in the right order in the right timing.

5. Focus on Success.

Success comes from contributing something valuable. Success comes from living and working in your purpose. Success has everything to do with focusing on your best opportunities. Look for them! Don’t ignore them even in the face of fear.

6. Declutter and Simplify.

  • Declutter your environment.
  • Declutter your habits.
  • Declutter yourself.

People have the tendency to add complexity in life by adding more. Add what’s important. Simplify and amplify success.

7. Share and Celebrate.

Share and celebrate with family. Share and celebrate with friends. Share and celebrate with clients and customers. From a psychological standpoint, we humans have a tendency to dwell on the negative, what went wrong, what one person said. So celebrate all your successes both big and small.

8. Unplug from Noise, Distractions and Drama.

Plan your unplugging. Minimize distractions. Pull yourself out of drama. Don’t be addicted to this. Reflect whether you are. Do something different.

9. Make Good Decisions.

Find out how you truly make good decisions. Explore that. Observe that. Remember that. Then follow your path to decision making each time.

10. Build a Business that Lasts.

You are here to build your business, sell your services and products, work with clients and customers, deliver good results and make good money. There is no separation ever. They work hand-and-hand. Stop believing otherwise.

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