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Believe What You Read About Mental Health

May is Mental Health Month. 

Every few years I renew my Professional Psychotherapy License.  Though I don’t have a private practice anymore, I keep up on all the research, attend seminars and use many aspects of psychology in my current business working with business owners, leaders and entrepreneurial couples.

This year my license was up and I needed to document a certain number of therapy client hours which I did.  

What a difference a few years make!

Post pandemic, the mental health status of many of those having everyday experiences is more pronounced.  

Everyday tasks are more difficult.

Normal conversations have become silent between partners.

Teenagers diagnosing themselves based on their friends’ opinions.

Children exhausted because they feel too much stimulation in their world.

More depression and anxiety over normal life.

Great people dealing with life in new ways

Work relationships are struggling especially with managers.

I’m seeing some of this with my business clients. Entrepreneurs usually have a positive attitude in public but worry privately about revenue, team, clients and their marketing and sales.

They usually don’t take the time to think of their mental health which they should.

The #1 priority for everyone and for you, entrepreneurs, is to make your mental health, emotional health and physical health your top priority above anything else.

If you are making your mental and emotional health a top priority, then you have the capacity to run your business at a high level but most of all you will have good relationships in your personal life and professional life.

Remember, the personal is the professional and the professional is the personal.

It’s much easier right now to get mental health help than ever before.

As a business owner…..

…..you can find a business coach who is also a therapist.

…..you can seek help from a local therapist.

…..you can work with someone on a national online therapy platform.

Get help now before anything escalates.  It’s easier to be pro active.

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