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Love Messages: Clear & Compelling

This week we celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s essentially a day to express your message of love. We do that by buying cards with the right ‘love’ message inside and sometimes with a gift or action that takes that message further.

We do the same with our messages with potential clients and customers. We want to express to them what we can do for them so they are interested in taking the next step with us. It can be as simple as “tell me more” or “let’s schedule a time to discuss.”

Unfortunately, I hear too many messages out there that are confusing and more about the person delivering the message than the problem they solve for their clients and customers. There are many a time after hearing someone’s message for months, I’m still not sure what that person does! I know you’ve been to plenty of networking groups and thought the same. Or you’ve been the one that the minute you sat down after giving your message, you saw that person’s eyes gloss over. You didn’t nail it.

Having a clear and compelling message is one of three fundamentals to master in building your business foundation. The other two are: do you solve a problem( implied in that is do you get results?) and can you sell yourself and the services and products you provide? You cannot grow your business without mastering these three no matter how much you try.

Messaging is usually what people hear from you first whether it’s in person or online. Here are 5 mistakes many business owners make when crafting their message.

1.  They make the message about them. When my clients do that, I have to remind them their potential clients don’t care. Your message has to convey to them that you can solve their problem. They don’t care about your titles or credentials as much as what problem do you solve for them.

2.  The problem you solve is not in your messaging. It has to be clear to everyone in that room or reading your website the problem you solve will get your potential clients the results they are looking to solve.

3.  You want to solve a problem your potential clients think they don’t need.  I’ve had many a conversation with business owners that start with, “but they all need it.”  Yes, but business owners will buy what they think they need and once you have them as a client then you give them what they want and so much more than they expected.  They will thank you in the end.

4.  It takes you so long to explain what you do.  If you cannot explain your messaging in three sentences so folks get it you don’t have a clear and compelling message.  You will need different lengths of your messaging but remember you have less than 30 seconds to capture someone’s attention for them to ask, “tell me more.”

5.  Your message does not represent you. The words you use have energy to them and if you’ve crafted a great message and it’s still not landing then the message and you are not in alignment somewhere.  It can be the words, the energy, the delivery or something that’s just not right.  Unconsciously, others know.  They don’t know what it is, but they know.  I heard someone say their message once and I knew instantly that it did not match the person even though the words were correct.  It’s the hardest thing to nail.

Your clear and compelling message is essential to your business survival. Spend time with it. Practice with it. Be willing to try different ones until you hear “tell me more” 75% of the time. Your message is a breathing and moving representation of you. Even when you have gotten that clear message, it evolves over time just like you do.

Let’s get that message clear and compelling for you.

It’s the #2 problem I work with for my clients. The first is helping them make money.

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