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Leadership is Not Linear

Everyday you make decisions about your business without thinking about how it might affect you down the road from the perspective of your  leadership. Today, those decisions carry so much more weight and your leadership style is key in this ever-accelerating changing world.

Everyone has a leadership style. It either works for you or against you depending on how you are utilizing it from your leadership strengths or weaknesses.

As a business owner, you usually wait to start thinking about your leadership once you start building a team. It’s important you start thinking about your leadership style so much earlier especially when it comes time to building any team and one that affects your bottom line.

It’s a key pillar that’s discussed early with my clients throughout the work we do together.  Beside creating consistent income, leading yourself and clients comes next.

What actually happens is a business owner starts building a team based on what he or she can no longer do themselves. It becomes a linear line for them to manage. It’s smart to get help but it’s smarter to build a team that is built for growth.

What does it take to start building a team for growth?

First, it starts with you and your leadership style in how you approach business, money and relationships and how you lead your business to consistently grow.

Become client-focused. In fact, in today’s fast-paced world of change, you need to become obsessed with how your clients are viewed in your company. Besides taking care of the ones you already have, it’s important your potential clients know you and hear from you often with a problem only you can solve for them.

As you build your team for growth, what are your values? Make sure you have values you can always state to your team and to the outside world and especially to yourself.

Also, make sure those values match your everyday decisions and actions and stay aligned.

Become results-focused. What are the results of the work you do? What are the results that your team provides? As a leader, do you know the results you produce? Important questions to ask daily.

Become people-centric.  Remember we do business with other human beings, we sell to other humans and we lead teams of humans.  So many times I observe other entrepreneurs forget this basic concept while growing our businesses.  In the busyness of being in business, we forget the human side of business.

Become results focused.  What are the results that your work gets for clients?  What are the results that your team provides?  Know that the business environment had changed.  We could build our businesses selling the logistics of what we provide.  Today, it’s key you know the results you provide and the transformation you create for your clients.

Review these area weekly with yourself and everyone involved in your business.

I’d love to discuss these areas in your business and see where you are doing well and need to improve.

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