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Know When You Are Resisting Your Own Success

Resistance to your own success doesn’t look good on most people. It affects your vision to see what’s right in front of you and your ability to make the right decisions about your work and life.

Yet, people stay in resistance even if it is hurting their ability to have the kind of success they’ve always wanted. They may not know this consciously but unconsciously they are getting a bigger payoff psychologically remaining resistant than having true success.

Sounds crazy especially in the business world and the entrepreneurial space where we want success for ourselves to be in the best position possible.

You know this person – for years they have complained about never getting the break they need to get ahead. It happens to other people but not them. They are the more talented person in the group yet others are always getting promoted or better assignments.

You’re thinking their behavior is causing this problem. You’re partly right.

What’s going on is this person is more committed to being the victim of never getting ahead than getting their success. It shows in their feelings and behaviors.

Same happens when working with business owners who struggle with inconsistent revenue, keeping a team together, and never maintaining a profitable and sustainable business.

That person is more committed to riding the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurial poverty than having a successful business.

Before the internet, there could be a case about not having the right information. That is no longer a problem.

All you need to do now is Google!

Your success can’t be defined for you. That’s something you get to decide. But to be successful, you need to give up some of the things that usually stop you from reaching your own success.

Why would someone be more committed to being a victim or on the brink of closing their business each month?

Through the lenses of psychology and systemic work, we know some of your experiences create decisions that can be limiting to you. Those experiences are what you know and as humans, we gravitate to what we know over and over again because we are comfortable with what we know.

The great news is success lives in every one of us and it is an exciting aspect of who we are. It is the part of us with limitless potential and possibilities. It points us to a place beyond your everyday life.

Integrating psychology, systemic work, and constellations along with the right strategies that get the success you want allow you to see where you are resistant and to easily choose something different that’s a game-changer for you.

We encourage you to choose something different for your success.

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