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Know What to Master as an Entrepreneurial Leader

The biggest glitch that comes up for business owners regarding their leadership is how late into their business building timeline they start thinking about their own ways of leading.

Yet, you’ve been leading from the start and most likely more from a reactive position. So much is going on that we don’t think at the moment, “if I make this decision from being the leader in my business, does the decision change?”

It’s a question, I asked one of my clients who is brilliant, caring, and has a grand vision for her own clients wanting to bring all the resources and serve many more in her company. She was doing: hire this one to do social media, hire this one to run the office, hire this one to handle classes and so much more.  Nothing was getting completed because it all landed on her lap. Not leading from mastering her strategy and being the CEO of her company, halted her company’s growth quickly.

She wasn’t asking the question of being a leader.  She keep telling me she had leadership skills.  The skills were there but we are really being asked to be the CEO not do as a CEO. 

There’s a huge difference.

Who you are as a leader is not the skills.  What happens when those skills no longer work in any given situation.  That’s when you need to know who you are as a leader – know your Leadership DNA.

The current research is telling us that most leadership programs are failing and that over 80% of businesses that use these programs have buyer remorse.

The #1 reason – no real-world context!

The #2 reason – not considering the whole person about who they truly are.

As business owners, we know all about the real-world every single day. We live it. Being able to develop the right leadership skills for yourself and your business has to be as real-world as it gets.

A CEO entrepreneurial leader knows first to master their strategy, master their money, and their mind to lead their business to success.

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