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Impact and Influence

I actually heard someone on a podcast talk about having impact and influence the other day. There were some great points to be made but a ton of them were for those who have built a platform already.

But for those of you not quite there yet of having your own platform that is instantly recognizable, here are several areas you want to concentrate on as you start building your own recognizable platform.

First, I can imagine that you’re thinking that’s not me. I don’t need that! Yes, you do. I’m not talking about an IG influencer but the platform you stand on as a business owner who gets results for their clients and other people know it.

Whatever market you’re in, you do want to be known for what you do and how you serve your clients. And making money at it.

It just needs to be the right size for you – not what some other influencer thinks is right for you. I want to be able to look you up and check your social media. Go to LinkedIn and see if there is valuable information that your posting. Something that catches my eye.

Then I would go to your website and if I like what I’m seeing I then would consume your content on your website or to wherever you send me.

It doesn’t matter the media for me (it does for many) but I want to get to know you. I want to see if you’re confident in what you do and I want to connect with you. Then I wait to see how you establish connection with me because that matters to all human beings.

Your community wants connection from you now more than ever.

That’s what it takes to build a business platform today.

The confidence in the results you provide.

The connection to keep letting me know what’s happening.

The community you’re building and continue to build.

I have not been the best on this myself before but over the last two years, it’s become a priority of mine – because I believe in relationship building.

Bottom line: being confident, building connection, and community can revolutionize your business quickly.


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