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“I Need to Make Money!”

“I need to make money.”

As a business owner, that is your job – to make your business profitable along with serving your clients at the highest level.

I said those words myself so many times at the beginning of this business because there was no backup.  I started this business at the time of my divorce.

(I don’t think I planned that well 🙂 ).  

I knew I had to bring in so much money to be able to live before I could even think of spending any money on help, business investments, or personal investments.

Today, I have a clear picture that the first $100,000 goes to paying my mortgage, homeowners insurance, windstorm insurance, flood insurance, property taxes, utilities, gas, car and car insurance, repairs and maintenance, food and clothing and taxes on the money I need to live!

And because money is a reality and you use money in exchange for goods and services, it’s a necessity to live and to grow your business.  The balance comes into play in how you want to serve your clients and make money all at the same time.

The good news is you don’t have to choose between the two.

When you’re stuck in the grind of not making enough money, many times you get caught up in the new 3 Steps to Making All the Money You Want programs that you don’t stop to think that you’re chasing one strategy after the other. 

It works short term but it never lasts long term.

If all it took was a strategy, you could Google the right strategy and become a millionaire! It’s why you chase the next program that tells you how to make money – until it stops working.

When you’re truly stuck after trying one money strategy after another, then it’s no longer about the strategies.  There’s something else happening.

It’s time to start thinking there’s a different way to be viewing money that’s multi-dimensional, strategic, expansive, psychological and action-oriented that can remove the complexity and confusion you have about money that’s keeping you stuck.

You get results with making money in your business by taking a multi-dimensional approach with actions based on all of you – your thoughts, emotions, body, and energy, your personality and strategy. You are also part of a larger environment  – and that environment has a huge influence on your experiences with money.

Change ANY of these in your system, and you change your system in how much money you make and get to make (it’s science 101)!

The best way to create more money in your business is to understand ALL the pieces about you and your environment – then change one and watch to see what happens with your money.

Read more here and see how money is one piece of a greater system to change the world through your business.  Ready? Click here.

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