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I Love Building Relationships!

Great, I thought to myself, we’re on the same page here! Relationships are so important in any business.

The business owner loved building relationships with others and they were well known in their area. The secret they shared was they were hardly making money in their business.

It wasn’t a surprise. That was the correspondence I came across this weekend from last year as I was organizing this weekend. It got me to thinking about relationships and how many times we miss the importance of relationships in many areas of our lives and where we should focus our relationship building.

Trained in clinical psychology, licensed as a marriage & family therapist and now consultant to business owners and small businesses in sales and business growth, I know there are many areas of relationship building that are core to your personal and business success.

Some of you will probably guess the first relationship we need to development is with ourselves.


But, do you know how to go about doing that and be able to describe to someone what that looks like for you?

Besides your personal relationships, how’s your relationship with your business? Your relationship with money? Sales? Collegues? Team members?

I’m wondering if you pay attention to these areas as you consider building relationships with potential clients and then asking for business.

How you treat your relationship with your business, money and sales actually sets the tone for relationship building with potential clients and customers, who you are attracting to your business, how much money you’re making and who you are hiring.

The psychological dynamics and blocks in relationships and the way we connect and relate goes back for generations and in experiences we carry with us that then shape our relationships in business. Patterns are formed and hidden loyalties are decided on an unconscious level.

We don’t just inherit our physical looks and personality traits, we inherit many ways we develop relationships and carry that into the work we do.

A former client of mine could never get past making $125,000 before something happened that caused loss of income.

We discovered there was a hidden loyalty to their father who never made more than that in his lifetime. The work centered on this along with the strategy to grow the business they were meant to put out in the world.

When I travel and speak, everyone wants to know the strategy and structure around sales and business building. They know the psychological dynamics are important but often that is put aside for another day. These patterns and hidden loyalties in relationships can sabotage your professional growth and your leadership capabilities.

When you identify the pattern or block, either good or bad, it’s transformational. We can shift these lifelong dynamics and construct a different relationship with yourself, your business and your money. The result is the strategy, structure, language and business building is faster and allows you to truly put out in the world the work you are truly meant to do with much more ease.

If you would like to chat with me about your relationship with yourself, your business or your money, click here.

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