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How Clients Choose You

What must your business be for clients to choose you?

The very first answer is they need to know you exist. There’s a ton of debate, ways, and means to show people you’re in business. Networking, social media, writing, videos, etc… Choose the best one for you but choose it from the perspective that it gives first AND converts to paying clients. Do it consistently.

The second answer is you are magnetic to your right-fit clients, team members, and others. All of this is about being you which means being yourself and you aren’t trying to be someone you’re not. People love being around you because they feel valued when with you.

The third answer is you believe in the humanness of building real relationships with others. Building relationships is always batted around in business. So many people don’t have a clue as to what that means. It’s more than being nice and kind. Do you know how to have a presence with that person in such a way they are being heard?

People choose you when you bring your valuable self to the other person and they feel valued by you knowing you have their back at the moment.

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