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Don’t Fold Like a Cheap Lawn Chair

You’ve been there before.  The conversation is going well and you know this person will be a great client.  You know you can help them to get results.

Then the question – How much?

It’s a loaded question for many consultants, coaches, and strategists.  They want to be paid well.  Who doesn’t?

But the minute you state your price, the potential client wants to know if you can provide a discount.  At that moment, you fold like a cheap summer  folding chair – “I’ll see what I can do.”

You folded because it’s the dreaded conversation you don’t want to have with potential clients and they felt it.  So they asked.

Though you know they are a right fit client, they asked because you didn’t tie the value to your results so you folded.

You folded because you were not confident in what your pricing should be for your services so you folded when they asked.

You convey the strength of your pricing when you show potential clients throughout your conversation with them the value your services bring to them.

In fact, when this is done well pricing is usually not much of a factor.  It’s a collaborative negotiation when clients can count on you delivering what you stated.

Pricing conversations start the moment any interaction begins.  From the moment there’s a possibility of doing work together, you position your results while getting the information the client conveys to you.

Knowing the nuances of pricing language are key to buy-in from clients.  Everyone wants a bargain but your language should convey the high value expertise and results that people may pause when they hear the price but understand they are paying for value. It’s up to you to convey that to them before the question comes ever comes up.

When you don’t fold like a cheap lawn chair, the question isn’t how much but what’s next.

We want to work with you on your pricing so you are in the strongest position possible to get paid at a high level.


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