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Does Mindset Work???

Mindset work is one of the holy grails of many experts out there.  We especially see this in the entrepreneurial world.  Everyone has a version of what works.

The popular statement, “Change Your Mind Change Your Life!”….. on the surface is so true.

To take it one step further, …..changing your mind requires you to change as a person.

Life changes us…..sometimes.

Mindset work changes us …..sometimes.

Therapy changes us…..sometimes.

The question becomes…..how do we truly change?

…..and how do we make those changes sustainable?

Over the years, I’ve found that many of the different modalities do help us change but the question always comes back to –  is it sustainable?  The answer is 95% of the time it’s not.

Why???  Different reasons but in some way or form, it’s not comprehensive enough or integrated.

Follow me for a second as I tie this together using language as a metaphor(going back to my training in Collaborative Language Systems).

If your thoughts are the language of your mind…

And your feelings are the language of your heart and body…

And your actions are the language of your environment…

And your personality is the language of your psychology…

And your processing system is the language of your brain…

And your relationships are the language of your connectedness…

And your connectedness is the language of your energy…

And your energy is the language of the Knowing Field…(the energy that surrounds us and connects us to everyone and everything)

And your Knowing Field is the language of your intuition, the Spiritual, the MetaPhysical, God, Source…

Wouldn’t it make sense to have a common way to speak to all of them so they would be informed of the changes we want to make in our lives and businesses so they could help us make those changes sustainable until we’re ready for the next upgrade?

We have to be able to talk to all of us and let everyone know what we’re up to so we can create and build what we’re here to do in this world in service with our impact.

Otherwise, we get stuck thinking about our future and reliving the past….. 

…..we should be turning the right knobs in collaboration with our different language systems.

…..to signal the changes we want to make.

…..so every piece of us knows what to do at the right time.

In so many ways, it sounds simple.  Yet, people make it complicated for themselves because of all the distractions we want to add to the reasons why it hasn’t happened yet.

Here are some steps to start:

  1. Believe there’s a change you want to make.
  2. Believe that change is relevant to you.
  3. Believe you can make that change.
  4. Believe in the way you will change.
  5. Believe you can sustain that change.

Questions, just ask.

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