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There’s Deep Magic in Using the Language of Trust

We all know that trust has eroded over the last ten years in politics, business, and on social media. If part of your business is to interact with others outside of where you’re known, there’s always a layer of skepticism that sits in front of everyone whether they’re conscious of it or not.

We’ve been doing business in this environment and it has changed the landscape of how business is done. It’s more difficult to create a relationship with potential clients to see if you could solve a problem for them they desperately need. Even if they agree to some form of contact, they’ve read your LinkedIn profile, looked over your website, and maybe even consumed your content and have formed an opinion before you have a chance to speak.

Even talking to people about the problem you solve and the results you can provide will illicit this low level of doubt until there is something that they hear from you that starts opening them up to the possibility. Trust has been eroded big time in business.

The only way you build trust right from the start is by understanding language from a psychological, emotional, and logistical viewpoint. 

There are no gimmicks, hacks, or ways around it. Using language to develop trust in any business conversation is knowing the impact of the words you use. Using language that creates trust starts with using words that evoke emotion. People always respond to emotion first even top leadership.

Every word you use not only has meaning for the person you are in conversation with. It also has a tone that lands for people in such a way that they either hear you how you want to be heard or they create a new meaning that doesn’t support you in your intention of the conversation.

Only language in the form of trust results in any possibility of doing business with the people you want to do business with.

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