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Creating a New Level

When you think about business and what it takes to grow the business you desire to have impact and income, it requires you to let go of aspects of your personality.  What you started with can’t travel with you to create your ever evolving business.

It’s about saying good bye to all the old patterns, psychological barriers and blocks that no longer serve you so you can take your business to the next level. 

It requires you to master the sorts of changes in your personality and identity that allows you to get beyond yourself that causes you to stand in a new identity as an entrepreneur growing the business you want to have and creating huge impact along with the income that allows you to serve others at your highest level.

The more you do this the more you become resilient and flexible – which is more and more needed in this fast paced changing business world.

In many ways, business owners are living out the hero’s journey through their businesses.

You have desires and dreams about the impact of your business on your clients and yourself.  To achieve those dreams, you have to walk the path of change that’s necessary to get to the other side.

You set out on the journey as a new business owner or growing your current business to the next big level.  You come up against obstacles and set backs.  It becomes a journey of discovery of how to be in business, what’s the strategy and of yourself.

There’s period of time where you’re stuck.  You’re not seeing where you are in your own way.

>>>You fail.

>>>You lose money.

>>>That strategy doesn’t work.

You repeat the old way over and over again not realizing that it’s in you to transform you that needs to happen which causes more limitations and challenges in your business.

To become the hero in your business, you’ve got to overcome those limitations and challenges not just move to another technique or tactic to repeat the cycle over again.

Whatever your purpose and why for your business, you have the power to become the hero in your journey.  

*You get to decide what you leave behind and what you become.

*You get to decide when it makes sense to release the old and embrace the new you.

*You get to decide when to release resistance.

And if in the past you’ve struggled with making your business work, not creating the income, and not getting the results you desire, you can choose to leave that all behind.

You decide who to become in your business and take it forward into a new life that is truly who you are.  Embrace that with joy!

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